About the Founder


Founder + CEO

The conception of KBD Oil began in the way so many small business stories do — I was looking for a product and quality that simply didn't exist in the market. In search of the ideal fragrance, I discovered that so many store bought perfumes were chemical laden or too overpowering. It was at that point, I began the creative process of formulating new fragrance blends. Blends that felt balancing, smelled distinctive and, most importantly, were chemical-free.

The true realization of the full product line came later through the incorporation of hemp. Certain this would only elevate their uniqueness and power, I began to research. The first step was getting a Hemp Processor's License, allowing me to be part of every step of development (aside from plant growing). Throughout the process, I learned all CBD is not created equally. Each unique extraction method yields very different results. So, step two was selecting what I truly believe to be the most superior CBD available — both by numbers (highest industry yield rate) and purity (we’re working on an organic certification). The final step was taking all of that newfound knowledge (and the highest-quality CBD) and infusing it into KBD’s fragrances, salves, and tinctures.

Ultimately, knowing I’m contributing to every customer’s healing through products made with love and a safe, authentically pure CBD, is what keeps me going every day.