KBD Oil offers luxury, Whole Spectrum™ CBD solutions to help elevate mood and ease discomfort.

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Infusing an aromatic carrier oil with the Whole Spectrum™ of one of Mother Earth’s most medicinal gifts births unique, delectable, and unisex fragrances and delivers therapeutic powers to benefit your mental and physical well-being.

Not all CBD is created equally — and ours packs a premium quality punch.

The CBD in KBD products is made from a category-changing, exclusive process that gently protects the plants most valuable molecules. With an effective, clean and chemical-free process, the unique whole-spectrum yield rates are nearly double the industry average with little to no harm to the precious terpenes and cannabinoids within hemp. Left intact, those terpenes and cannabinoids work harmoniously with phytochemicals to enhance the therapeutic effects of the CBD.

How CBD Works

"After two days, I cannot get ENOUGH of this! The fragrance is literally everything I've been missing. The aromatherapy calms me throughout the day. It absorbs quickly, but the fragrance doesn't dissipate. It is light and earthy and simply perfect!" — Liz